Monday, June 17, 2013

Rock Pools, Kelp and Beach Good Times - Wye River

On our first visit to the beach the tide was out and there were rock pools to explore. We found lots of snails and sea anemones but the tide needed to recede a little further to spot sea-stars and crabs. The glassy clear waters of the rock pools can look so clean that they seem empty, until you put your foot in one and realise its filled with water.




Wye River Beach has lots of kelp.  Kelp to play dress ups with, and long rubbery games of tug of war.

Storm drain monster graffiti. Sadly we had to explain to the children why playing with the storm water, after a storm, wasn't really a good idea. He does look like a giant E.coli monster.

Stick boats - get sticks, seaweed, a feather or two, whack them together, and launch. Follow the boats journey down the river to the mouth of the sea, declare a winner. There were may boats launched over the week.



Mancinos and Ladycinos.  Our kids are getting a bit big for babycinos but are really not enamoured with hot chocolates, often leaving half behind because they are too rich or sweet.  Move in the upsized babycino, the perfect winter warmer, without all the sugar.

You can often tell a good coffee by the residue it leaves behind, if there is a clean cup when it's emptied, things aren't good.  I have been known to peer into vacant cups before entering a cafe. The coffees are always beautiful at the Wye River General Store, and leave joyous lines of coffee bunting behind (can you tell I really love a good coffee?).

Wye River is such a great destination, where you can walk from the beach, to a cafe, then to a playground, then the river, then the bush, then back to the Caravan Park, and later, stroll to the pub for dinner. Wonderful car free days make this family very happy.