Sunday, April 8, 2012


An  impromptu school holiday adventure, we had just returned the library books, "lets go on a picnic" said the little one. Seemed like a far better idea than eating in the shopping centre where we had just bought some sushi for lunch.  Such a perfect, still, sunny, Autumn day, a day to be savoured.

Laying on a picnic rug, breathing in the fresh Autumn air and listening to the birds, "poor daddy" I said. A girls day out as the middle Bowerbird had gone to daddy's work's school holiday program. "I'm not sorry for him" said the Big Bowerbird, indeed not, he was crafting and making  hot cross buns and having the time of his life, on arriving home he was giddy with good times. We filled our tummies with sushi, seaweed, squid, and a lovely gift of vanilla slice from Nanna. Wesley Hill Bakery vanilla slice, delicious. 

Time for a walk. We enticed the little one with talk of a trek in the jungle. "Will their be tigers?" she asked.
No tigers but lots of creeping moss.
  And lovely lichen.

" I call this one spider moss" said the big Bowerbird, "I call this one spider moss" echoed the little Bowerbird 5 minutes later.
 "I think the Easter Bunny lives down there" said the little one. We didn't see him, but there were lots of little birds chattering to keep us company.
Something mysterious fluttered through the air from great heights, like a falling Autumn leaf, we were so surprised to find the remains of a caterpillar, when it finally reached the ground. The big Bowerbird thought caterpillars might start falling en masse, and wanted to keep walking.
 Cicada exoskeleton, we found two of these alien husks clinging to shrubs.

 Native mint.
 Admiring the forest giants.
 A magic wand to swish and sway. I had to keep reminding the little one to keep an eye out for stinging nettle, we were not in our most practical bush walking clothes.
 A living caterpillar crossing our path.
 Delicate feather like clematis seeds.
 A silent wish.
 Who did this? A conversation about horses, kangaroos and wombats.

 A little Happy home that we have been holding onto for far too long. 
 Finally finds it's place. A special place we like to visit and explore.
No matter the time of year, there is always moss. Soft, moist, dry, spongy, wonderful to hold, delightful to poke, finding it's place in the most amazing spaces.  A home for all the magical things.

 Mountain Pepper.
 Just a tiny nibble is so peppery, I like to play tricks with it on unsuspecting visitors. Bush tucker plant, try it. Even when you are expecting some warmth, it's heat is surprising. The big Bowerbird gave it a try with me. We had a nibble on some mint to help cool our mouths.

A little one with tired legs. "Is there are a troll hiding under the bridge"? I ask, trying to cajole her to walk that little bit further. My parents always spoke of trolls hiding under bridges. and billy goats gruff, when I was a child, I am hearing their voices echoing in mine.

Finally we reach the lake, the stroll a little further than I expected (we started at a different spot than I have in the past), but well worth the effort. 
A multitude of tiny little fish to watch zip and bubble, we stop and take a breath, before the long walk back to the car. 

To find out more about the wonderful project of leaving little happy homes in unexpected places visit .
1000 Homes of Happiness

Happy Easter.


  1. What a beautiful day you had! I so enjoy looking at your beautiful pics and learning about nature at the same time x x

  2. What a wonderful walk...full of whimsy and learning too. Thanks for sharing your day!

  3. What a wonderful adventure. A perfect way to spend the day. ideal home amongst the cool of the ferns for Easter bunny as well.

    So many beautiful pictures, thank you (again) for sharing in our project. I adore popping back here to follow your adventures. We will link up very soon and add little home 'moss' to our tally.


  4. It looks like the perfect detour, so much to see and enjoy on your little adventure. xx

  5. I love how you've called this little home Moss. Such a great word and so appropriate for the environment you left it in. Love your images of the girls connecting with nature. Reminds me so much of my Lewi. Happy weekend to you.


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