Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A Green Halloween

Actually a little bit of red too.

  Vampire, Frog Zombie Man (frog was once used for a rainforest party), Robin Hood and "Green Girl". I showed Mr Bowerbird the photos and he laughed wryly, "Oh I hope that one's going on your blog"!

 Of course it's going on the blog!

Checkout how much those kids have grown since Halloween 2010. The Big Bowerbird is getting some good mileage out of that costume. A bit of green and red that year too.

The little Bowerbird put on this face for me before she left, but it was out in full force come bedtime, the post sugar slump is never good.

  Frog Zombie Man stole my children
 Robin Hood back from the dead
 Someone had to stay home to hand out the cakes. One of my Vegie Group friends snapped this of me, where would I be without that magnet fly-screen?
 All lovingly prepared by the children and my mum.  
Choosing which monster cake or biscuit you were taking home was a serious decision for visiting trick or treaters.

Even more serious was the examination of the lolly loot when the kids got home.  I am not showing this picture to our dentist. Some very serious tooth brushing this week.

Came across this via Mamabake's Facebook page, perhaps next year.
Do you celebrate Halloween?


  1. Very spooky indeed. Love the decorated cakes and cookies. We had no trick or treaters here just as well really I could offer them some chia seeds I guess...

  2. Love the pictures. I don't get trick or treaters here, but I wish people around here could hand out homemade goodies and know they wouldn't be tossed out. So many fears around here about the safety of the treats.

    1. I hadn't even thought about that, mostly kids we know visiting though, and they were all devoured on the way back up the drive.

  3. Its my sons birthday on Halloween - he turned 3 so we went out for dinner thus missing prime trick or treat time. Not sure if anyone knocked, they haven't the past couple of years. Your family looks great - very festive.

    1. yes we could pull it all out again for xmas, little elves and a xmas fairy.

  4. Hi! I am your newest follower and was hoping that you would follow me back!



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