Thursday, October 25, 2012

Beginners Knitting - Wash Cloth

I have had my mum visiting these last few weeks.  There has been less blogging and more: chatting,  cafe swanning, tasty dining, wine sipping, and generally making the most of having a mum in the same country as me. 

There has also been much crafting.
  I have discovered the simple pleasure of knitting a cotton wash cloth - my first attempt at knitting since I created a wonky scarf over a decade ago. A great way to learn and practice different stitches, a wash cloth sampler if you will. I love watching those stitches create different patterns, who would have thought Knit and Pearl could create so many different looks. We've been scouring op shops for knitting needles - obviously I am not alone as there were slim pickings.  I have decided I am a fan of the bamboo needle and discovered some unused ones at our local Salvos.

 Hmm not sure if my peculiarly shaped, man size, rectangle flannel passes muster with the little one. It's great for a neck scrub and hangs well over the shower bar.  Today she encouragingly told me that "I could do better than that", when I made a dud Frisbee throw. I suspect this is also the case with my wash cloth. I am strangely looking forward to making more. The gentle clicking, peacefulness of knitting, and then something produced at the end of it.
 The two older children have been learning alongside me. There are constant cries of "Nenek" (my mum's Indonesian grandma name) as we drop stitches and create peculiar knots and whoopsies. The sound of eight needles clicking is wonderfully musical.

Whilst we fumbled, Nenek quickly whipped these up. Now I'm working on a pair and so is the Big Bowerbird. I've also made a cowl, which is basically a scarf sewn together (pics to come). Loving finding my inner Nanna.

Mum has also got the sewing machine out with me. It's been languishing in it's box since I purchased it months ago. I think I was a little afraid of it. There has been much repairing and a little wonky embellishing, don't laugh, it has character.

Approaching 40 and finally the knitting penny is dropping, never mind the kids are picking it up just as fast.


  1. You'll be more than ready for next winter by starting your knitting projects now. Love those wrist warmers.

  2. I love your blog and am your newest follower. I was hoping that you would stop by my blog and return the favor!!


  3. I have never knitted, but I crochet and have pulled my hooks out again and been busy working making scarves for the little ones, and a cowl for myself. How nice to have your mother visiting and teaching everyone.

  4. I am so jealous of.any one who can knit it's on the things to do list (that grows and grows). My mum gave me her dodgy sewing machine but I must say it to is also in the box. Sounds like you have all had a fun with your mum


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