Friday, April 19, 2013

The Taste of Autumn

 I've had my mum visiting me for the last week, I always cherish this time, as she lives in Indonesia. Unfortunately I can't just pop around to her place for a cuppa, which is a shame as they grow delicious coffee beans there. Mum loves taking photos too, so we picked up the little Bowerbird from kinder and dragged her out on an Autumn photo expedition.

 One minute we were admiring the many shades of Autumn leaves and before we knew it I was looking for scarlet robins on Mount Macedon.  We didn't see any but it was a wonderfully clear day up the top, and there were plenty of scarlet leaves to admire. There was a frosty bite in the air, and despite the sun filled day you could still blow smoke mid afternoon.

The cross was getting a spruce up in preparation for Anzac Day, chairs were being fixed and plants pruned. Every year I think I might like to go up for the dawn service, I'm sure its magical, and then I remember I'm not really much of a morning person.

 Of course Mr wombat just goes about his business, placing square poos in prominent places, he'd even done one on a pine cone which made me and the little Bowerbird laugh.

 The little Bowerbird was complaining of sore legs at the end of our walk so mum played chase with her.  Amazing how little one's can't walk, but they can run.

On the way back down the mountain I had to stop the car, as I had spied something growing under some pine trees, and it is the perfect time of year. Mushrooms!

 The right sort took a little finding, they do hide themselves very well. Saffron Milk Caps, how we have missed you, soft glowing orange sapphires hiding in the needles. Everyone loves to forage in our house, even those who are less fond of consuming these earthy delights.

 The little Bowerbird posed as a mushroom with her colourful friends.

  With orange stained fingers and clothes we returned to the car with our bounty.  Others were also out enjoying the day and gathering, it is a popular past time around here, part of me is glad to see others enjoying the fun of collecting and the selfish part of me is thinking, oh no they'll all be gone.

I am so glad to live in a place that highlights the seasons, letting you know the earth is turning.

For dinner, an Autumn feast.  Wild Mushroom Risotto.

Fry arborio rice in rice cooker with olive oil until translucent. Add wine and stock and water (the same liquid to rice ratio you would use in your rice cooker).  Give it a stir now and then (cheats risotto for busy mums).

Fry onion and garlic (still eating home grown of both although green shoots are beginning to appear in their middles).  Clean mushrooms with a paper towel and paint brush. Add sliced mushrooms, salt and pepper, and cook for around 10mins. At the end add parsley, thyme and chives and 1/2 a cup of cream.

To serve pour sauce over rice, add parmesan and chilli to taste.

We also had some feta and olives on the side which I would have stirred through if I did not live with fussy eaters.

Time to plant next years garlic, it seems silly planting more when we have so much, but I would be sorely missing it come December if we didn't get around to it.

Linking up with Veggiegobbler's , although dinner was more foraged than grown.


  1. What absolutely gorgeous photos ... What a great time you are having with your Mum, its hard when family live so far away! I have a sister in Singapore, thank heavens for Skype!

    1. Totally agree on the skype, my sisters in London though and the time zones are all wrong for chatting.

  2. What a fabulous day! And your wild mushroom risotto looks scrummy.

    1. A wonderful day, and I didn't even mention the morning op shop crawl it began with.

  3. I love all the coloured leaves and the sense of Autumn it conveys...we are yet to see a lot of those yet. Looks like you had a lovely visit with special for the little bowerbirds. looking gorgeous in those pics and how clever are you foraging your own mushrooms and then making a the idea of not constantly stirring, always turns me off risotto!
    Thanks for sharing your gorgeous pics and fun with us...I love Autumn!

  4. Just love your Autumn pics...... I'm a little nervous when it comes to mushroom picking and I have noticed the odd one popping up lately.
    Your wild mushroom risotto looks and sounds just like the perfect Autumn meal to enjoy......I really am going to have to learn how to identify the edible ones.


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