Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Charcoal Leaf Rubbings

Grab charcoal (the free from the fireplace kind), paper and leaves.

Big group of cubs took to it with relish, writing the names of the plants in charcoal next to the leaf.  The cubs were working towards their naturalist badge.

There is something infinitely more pleasurable in using raw charcoal rather than crayons or pencils for this activity.  The charcoal needs rubbing until smooth on one side so it doesn't catch on the paper.  It's also good for rubbing on faces as war paint.  Great way to learn about different leaf shapes,textures and looking closely at plants.

The children also learnt about seeds and had a great time blowing artichoke seeds to see who could keep theirs in the air the longest, and throwing maple leaf seeds and watching them spin like helicopters.


  1. The charcoal is so effective! We have some of rubbings hanging in the kitchen still..lots of fun for the cubs!

  2. this is such a great simple activity! thanks for reminding me about it, i'll do it with my son this week!

    xo em


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