Saturday, July 2, 2011

Drying bundles of beans

 After a bumper bean crop I had many beans that didn't get eaten and went to seed.

The vegie group ladies picked and picked and picked all my beans that had developed seeds and brought them inside and started shelling them.  After they left the kids found the remaining beans and started peeling - beans everywhere but lots of fun!

The semi green pods went by the fire to dry out properly , the empty pods went onto the vegie patch as mulch - along with any motley looking beans - will be interested to see if any sprout in spring.

The white beans are Blue Lake Climbing beans and the brown ones are Diggers Gourmet Climbing beans - these reached enormous heights

Sorting into different colours. Felix and Abi enjoyed feeling the smoothness of the beans against their lips and face 

Diving your hand into a jar of beans is a sensory delight, we all kept doing this as the beans dried out properly by the fire

Just love it when I can get the kids involved with the vegie patch.  Think I might use some beans for green manure in spring as I have more than I will ever need for eating beans.  Also have a seed project with kids coming up that they might come in use for.


  1. It was much fun helping to shell your beans! Couldn't resist running my hand through them either... I can imagine how the kids must've enjoyed this!

  2. You grow your own beans? How cool is that! :)

    They are so delicious and nutricious!

    This Good Life

  3. wow, I'm yet to harvest a large enough crop to save some for the moment I only save a few for sewing...and the rest are eaten fresh in salads...
    Well done...I love the help you's great when the kids join in.


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