Tuesday, July 12, 2011

More at the Melbourne Museum

So yes, it's official, I am a nerd.  The museum 4 times in one month - Tutankhamen, Scienceworks Dinosaur family night, and two visits to Melbourne museum just for fun.  We are getting some serious membership value, more than you'd expect when the museum is an hour away.  

We loved the morning fog in the forest gallery, transported us to the rainforest. We didn't linger too long as it was freezing outside.

It's weird but all of us are keen at looking at stuffed dead animals.  I love it that you have to explore the museum information more to find out what you are looking at.  I cannot believe how many weird and wonderful creatures there are on this earth, more than we will ever get to know.  Fun just to learn about one or two new ones each time we come.

I wonder what tales this armadillo could share.

They are a bit creepy

Biggest one had a great time catching up with her oldest friend who had caught the bus all the way from Phillip Island, a truly epic adventure.

The kids liked the dynamic earth exhibit so much the first time that we had to go back for more - including watching the 3D video again!  Abi wouldn't have a bar of it though, she shook with fear when the music started so we went exploring pretty rocks.

The Connies are amazing.  Such a simple concept, tram conductors handing out swap cards but our kids were entranced.  The conductors are extremely talented story tellers and the cards are full of interesting facts.  The school holiday program turned out to be a lot more extensive than the museum website was letting on - the connies held them forever, they listened to an indigenous story teller and didgeridoo player, and made beautiful Egyptian necklaces with their names in hieroglyphics.

End of a big day at the museum, might give it a little spell for a while so we don't spoil it, can you have too much museum?.
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  1. It all sounds fabulous and great fun for the kids. That picture of the fog through the rainforest is stunning! You have certainly made excellent use of your membership in this month. Hat off to the eldest's friend, what a journey! :)

  2. No, you can't have too much museum! And the Melbourne museum looks amazing!

    I've never heard of Connies--what a wonderful idea!

    It sounds like a fun day for everyone!

  3. The Melbourne Museum is amazing - very engaging and welcoming of kids.

  4. You can never have too much museum! So much fun and great photos x


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