Monday, February 6, 2012

Making Bubble Wands

 Grab some bendable wire  - amazingly I found this bundle in the op shop.
 Make a loop and twist.  Trim the ends so they are equal length to help with threading beads.  Make them long or short - if too long they do get a bit bendy but it's fun experimenting and how it looks best will depend on your wire and beads.
 Select beads and thread them on. We have a beautiful collection gifted to us by my sister. The little one had a great time sorting out the "specials".
 Twist the ends into curls with some pliers so they aren't sharp. 
Dip in bubble mix and blow.  The big Bowerbird experimented with adding a silver thread star to the circle, this worked quite well but tended to unravel after a little play.

 These are going to be gifts at our little one's picnic birthday party, she is very chuffed about getting a year older and has been talking this birthday up for at least 11 months. Hopefully the party will meet expectations, she was pretty joyous and easy going on her actual birthday, with her main priority being to help make a banana cake, which on eating she declared was "the best cake ever!" The wands were a great school holiday craft activity, with all the kids getting in on the action. 


  1. Too cute! What a stash of treasure for her to choose from. And a very happy birthday to her, too!!

    I have to this a downstairs craft room in the pics? :)

  2. Ha, yes downstairs is being used, amazing i know, I love her curls too Kimbamel!

  3. I love that she has been talking about her birthday for almost a year! Cute!

    The bubble wands are wonderful--will have to save this idea for OUR summer!


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