Sunday, February 19, 2012

Quinoa Vegie Burgers & More Zuchinni

Quinoa Vegie Burgers.

4 smallish zuchinni grated
2 small carrots grated
2 spring onions chopped

2 cloves garlic chopped
4 eggs
approx 4 cups cooked quinoa (measured when cooked)
dukkah and/or spices to taste
3 tablespoons flour

Mix it all up together - this is a very generous recipe and made about 15 large patties.

I cooked up a lot of quinoa (I pronounced this incorrectly for a good year before I had to unlearn what I had learnt) as a side dish and made the burgers as a way of using up the left overs and what we had in the garden. All very approximate measurements. Gosh it's easy to overestimate how much quinoa you need to cook when it's dry.

So much of this going on around here!


 Fry on BBQ or in frypan into flat patties.
I think this would have to be my favourite vegie burger recipe to date, soooo easy and many possibilities to add different ingredients.

I sliced these delicious "fairy" eggplants thinly and barbequed them to have on the side, they are creamy yum.  They have even converted the Big Bowerbird to eggplant. Even those who don't like eggplant are enjoying watch these purple stripy beauties grow. 
This is how we had the quinoa the first night. Just plain with Stephanie Alexander's Kitchen Garden Companion "Warm Saute of Zuchinni, Pine Nuts and Currants" amazing zuchinni recipe.  The big Bowerbird has a penchant for balsamic vinegar and this is her favourite way to eat zuchinni - with a balsamic glaze. 

We may turn green by the end of summer.

And there are still more on the bench awaiting consumption. Lot's of nectarines from our tree and cherry tomatoes aplenty.
It is safe to say we have a summer glut. Such a lovely problem.


  1. I always love new ways to use Quinoa I really enjoy it but as yet I haven't found a way the kids really like it - perhaps this will be it.

  2. Lisa cooked quinoa for the first time last week. It was Indian chicken with cucumber, tomato and quinoa. We loved it! I was laughing when I read about your mispronunciation, we were at David's last night and I was telling him about the dish, Marcus promptly told me that I was saying it incorrectly, the ocker way in fact!

  3. Woah. I am in awe of this harvest table of yours! A seriously nice predicament to be in. Must try cooking quinoa have me curious!


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