Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Treasures and the Last Days of Summer

Once a year the local fire brigade has a big fundraiser.  The whole town gets together on this day to devour sausages, pop their children on deflating jumping castles, and most importantly, buy each others donated junk. SOOOOO much quality junk.  It's like a tiny  fair, with an auction and bits and pieces for sale. Delicious scones and jam, silent auctions of donated goods (we won some great wine), and did I mention quality junk?  The kids all bought a little something with their pocket money. I just love it. I was trying to be restrained this year but overdid it on the books. Who can resist fill a bag for $3? And 50cents for 80s records, treasure I tell you!

I now have a bulls head (fake) to go with the Queen of the Rancho (I know it's just a loan sister).  Who could resist? I also acquired some lovely porcelain Mexican items to put in my succulent collection. Are you seeing the quality?

The big Bowerbird mentioned she would like a desk for her room this week and voila, as I walked up to the Auction stand no one was bidding on this treasure. Sold to the ecstatic looking lady for $5. I love the auction, watching who will buy what, and wondering how much items will sell for. I could have bid a bit higher on that lovely door mirror, but there's always next year... 

The family laugh at my keenness to arrive early so as to nab the best bargains, poor dad is quickly placed on kid duty as I nudge my way into the crowds. I even left a guest with baby to arrive early, it was 10am and we did find her easily when she arrived later (yes I am feeling a little guilty). All those old wordly goods, I just love to look and wonder who owned them before. What stories they could tell. What they say about our town and its history.

All the kids got their faces painted, this is post long hot day but you get the idea. One cat, one owl and a monster.

 Then to cool off, a wicked water fight. Luckily I was holding the camera and hence untouchable.


 Then we sat with a beer on the verandah bathing in golden sunlight, watching the children slurp quickly melting icy poles.

A perfect day.


  1. Looks and sounds absolutely's hard for me to imagine those warm-weather activities right now!

    Glad you found some treasures at the sale. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  2. I could well relate to a good fix at a quality auction and junk day. Looks some great bargains. Loved the water fight pics. What a wicked evil grin that Abi does.


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Margaret Atwood

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― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young