Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Morning People

Friday morning I dragged my sleepy head out of bed.  I had made a promise to bake a cake for a friend, and I hate to break promises. I also hate to get out of bed. How I envy those who wake with a twinkle in their eye and leap out of bed to embrace the day.

Look at what I'm missing out on! What a sunrise to behold, and at 7am it's really not that early. Such a burst of brilliance in all directions, I didn't know which way to look. Most days I cling to the doona, savouring the warmth and nesty feeling.  I'm especially bad in winter, like a hibernating bear, bleary eyed and unmoveable.

I've never been a morning person, always savouring the sleep in.  My mum would come into my room and vacuum around me as a teenager, and still I would not lift my head.  I love breakfast in bed with a newspaper, any excuse to linger longer!

A big part of my problem is I'm an owl. A creature of the night. Part marsupial. I love the wee hours of the morning before the sun rises, the dark, the silence,  the quiet uninterrupted time when you can here yourself think. Whilst I was at Uni I always did my best writing at night.

I have got myself into a bit of a bad pattern of staying up too late, given I have children I need to care for.  I have trained them to be pretty self sufficient in the morning and they do a good job, but I really do need to stop being such a possum. So hard to break a habit when you've started one but I'm sure I can do it.  I might challenge myself to see a week of sunrises.

I think we are bringing up fellow sleepy heads.  Our children are mostly hard to rouse from their slumber and will sleep in if they've been up too late. I wonder if its genetic or just what we model as parents. My parents certainly have none of my sleepy traits, by the time I'm up they've baked, been for walks, had breakfast, checked their emails and tidied the house. Oh for their energy.

Are you an early riser, waking with the birds or are you chirpier when the crickets begin their songs? Could you cope with observing a week of sunrises?


  1. Most mornings during winter I'm up before the sun. It is, technically, still night outside. Then there are those mornings during the week when I have to leave for work and it's still only dusk since the hills are blocking the first of the sun's rays. And then the sun rises from behind me, so I don't get to admire the view as I travel into work. If I could see the sunrise, such early starts wouldn't be a drag. Most probably. I do tend to like my cozy warm bed in winter too. :)

    1. up in the dark is harsh but an unfortunate reality for sooo many, I should count my blessings.

  2. I am the world's worst night owl! I have been trying to reform for years, but I fear with no children to keep me honest, I may be a lost cause. In general, I feel like I'm doing a good job if I'm in bed before 2am and up before 11 in the morning!

    I'm not sure if it's genetic or what, but I've always HATED to get out of bed and always felt like I was just coming alive at nightfall. I suppose many years of keeping "musician's hours" didn't help either. I often wonder what I'd be like if I lived somewhere without electricity. Would I adopt an "up with the sun" schedule, or would I just live by candle light? Sigh.

    1. You know when we travelled around Australia for 18 months and had little lighting I was much less of an owl, artificial lights definitely make things worse. Camping kicks you out of bed, it's often too hot or uncomfortable to stay in there.

  3. Love the photos, who wouldn't want to be up early?
    Iv'e always been an early morning person as a toddler(so Iv'e been told) i used to stand beside my parents bed waiting for them to wake up and it was 6am. Things haven't changed much although sometimes i do get up at 4am (about every 3rd day) and do all sorts of things like, sew,read,accounting,cleaning and when the suns up head outside if not to cold and potter in the garden in my pjs.
    Sometimes when I'm home alone i like to sleep-in and then make a cup of tea and toast and read books least to 10am !!
    When our children were growing up we had a rule for weekends up and out of bed before 10am or no breakfast, i wasn't to popular but with 5 children the kitchen would always be such a mess...............

    1. 4am every 3rd day, wow, that's so impressive. You know you look like an early riser, do you think you can tell? The early risers I know are so organised.


In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
Margaret Atwood

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
"Winter is dead.”
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young