Wednesday, May 16, 2012

An Epic Birthday - Let There be Cake

Our biggest had her first birthday away from us this month on school camp.  They made a big fuss of her, and there was cake and presents to open in the tent. She was happy but it felt very strange to me. I am going to have a hard time letting go of those little Bowerbirds.

When she returned to us there was a special dinner, presents, and more cake.  She had a birthday dinner order of roasted potatoes and pumpkin with garlic, maple syrup and pecans. Love her good taste.

The last birthday cake was eaten this weekend at little birthday party.

She made herself a chocolate cake and during the party it was decorated with lollies by her guests.  No inch was left without an extra bit of coloured sugar, a mad decorating frenzy.
The kids made their own pizzas, there was even enough left for leftovers the following day. Such a self sufficient age. They chatted, played in the garden, sat around a little fire, and watched the Chronicles of Narnia. Because we have lots of potatoes there was wedges with rosemary and garlic, I seem to be pulling these out at every occasion.
We braved the cold and and had cake outdoors, of course lighting candles outside is always a challenge (as is taking photos with no light), but we managed, just.

 I found one miserly sparkler in the cupboard, love a sparkler.
 The little bowerbird has enjoyed the celebrations as if they were her own.

 As you can see not a homemade cake in this picture.

 But nobody minded.
So three celebratory cakes is probably taking it a bit far, but it's hard not to spoil that sweet daughter who is growing up way to fast.


  1. A beautiful birthday celebration for a special girl

  2. It looks like such a fun-filled party! I do believe you have the know how to throw such events. LOVE the idea of a team decorated cake and those pizzas look delish. Wedges as well? I would expect nothing less from she with the handsome harvest. Happy Birthday to your big girl! xx

  3. Hello bowerbirds,
    Sorry I am late, but here comes a hug and a kiss and many greetings from the other side of the planet.
    Lilli xx

  4. Happy birthday to your big girl. What a wonderful week of celebrations. Agree on the missing them when they are out in the big wide world.

    Hugs xxx


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