Saturday, May 26, 2012

Wallace & Gromit at Scienceworks

We visited Scienceworks last week as part of a members opening to the Wallace and Gromit Exhibition. I am a fan of Wallace and Gromit, and their quirky dead pan humour, but you don't have to be a devotee to enjoy the exhibition.
I adored the 50s sets, how cool is that mirror, and the wallpaper.
There was heaps of hands on activities with the theme of invention, and the kids dived into them with the enthusiasm of mad scientists.  The exhibition was given an Australian flavour by pointing out some of the wonderful things Australians have invented, like the electric drill, and Internet WiFi. Here's a more extensive list if you are interested.

Other more global inventions on display included the telephone, and Wellington boots. I tried reading some Braille with the oldest Bowerbird, we were totally amazed at the skill in learning to read dots with your finger, and managed to decipher nothing of what was written. Below they are making wallpaper and designing a logo.

The Bowerbirds made their own clay models and enjoyed adding them to a communal scene. A great insight into the world of clay animation and the skill required to create it.

 My favourite bit, the vegie wonderland of course. Someone must have had a great time making those sets!

Wish there was a real Anti- pesto service, we could have done with their help last summer.

The kids favourite bit - when the power unexpectedly went out, especially the middle Bowerbird, who enjoyed the thrill of being inside a tunnel slide in the dark. 

Up there with my favourites of the museums exhibitions, we could easily visit it again. Somehow I missed the karaoke shower, that sounds like a must.

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  1. What a fabulous exhibition. It looks like a lot of fun.


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