Friday, June 22, 2012

Meet Cumquat and Babushka



First came the hutch after much nagging and many promises from the biggest Bowerbird. Dad, who has had a past life as a Cavie Club member, didn't take long to soften on the idea. The biggest Bowerbird has spent months researching every fact about guinea pigs, the different breeds, what they eat, what their noises mean..... Then came the Guinea Pig hunt - I thought these guys were everywhere, apparently not when you are looking for one. The place for them seems to be all on the Eastern side of town, a good hour and a half long mission away. So we put off getting our little friends, until finally an add came up on Gum Tree for two female guinea pigs, free to a good home. They were housed in a shelter in our town and had been given up by someone who said she would release them into the wild if the shelter didn't take them. Fortunately the shelter owner agreed to house them.

We are all smitten.  I just love there squeaky little voices and the way they chat to each other. Hopefully we will have the added benefit of free manure for our compost bin, and they might do some weeding along the garden paths. Mostly they are purely for joy, for teaching little ones responsibility, and for cuddles. When your feeling a little blue, a pat of their soft fur coats and a little natter from them is the perfect remedy.

Now I need to sew some guinea pig sleeping bags - I kid you not.


  1. Oh they are so cure and the kids look smitten. Sleeping bags for guineas, that should be an interestin project for you.

  2. Oh Guinea Pig love...we have that here too. They are very cute, and I love that whiskery photo of Babushka :)

  3. I LURVE guineapigs. I had them growing up. Hubby doesnt like them for some bizarre reason - and now we have a big fur baby to deal with which is quite enough. Cuteness!

  4. Too, too cute! That Cumquat of yours reminds me of a skater punk g/pig with attitude, look at that hair! Sooooo cool. :)


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Margaret Atwood

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― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young