Monday, June 18, 2012

Winter Solstice and Junior Landcare

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The winter solstice is rapidly approaching. We are celebrating at school with a bonfire, stories, wood fired pizzas and soup, and a lantern parade. During Junior Landcare we have been making lanterns and stick stars.  Some lanterns have been made by decorating jars with transparent coloured paper and some have been made using tissue paper and balloons.  The balloons layers could have been a little thicker and have required some extra masking tape to help strengthen them.

Last week we fired up the oven to cook some pizzas for the grade 3s and 4s, they really love cooking, even if they have to wait a while for their pizza. It's so good to have something warm to eat on a cold day.  We can only fit three pizzas in the wood fired oven at a time, so its a little slow going.  

 The vegie patch had a big tidy up and is slowly being filled with winter crops - broccoli, cauliflower, peas, leeks, onions, garlic, lettuce and spinach.

Looking forward to seeing all the excited faces brave the cold on Friday night, hopefully the rain will hold off!


One of the teachers commented these stick stars were very Blair Witch Project. They were a great exercise in knotting and each star looked very different depending on the size and type of sticks used.  I wanted some to hang up around the school for decoration but had a hard time convincing the children to leave them behind, they were very proud of their creations.


  1. I absolutely love those stick stars!!!I hope you have a lovely celebration...sounds so exciting. We often go to our local lantern parade which is held for the winter solstice...amazing sights! Those wood fired pizzas sound yummy!

  2. Its my daughters school's family disco on Friday, should be fun although I do fancy a bonfire.

    1. our kids loved the school disco last month, so cute seeing them get their boogie on.


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