Wednesday, June 27, 2012

40th Birthday Cake

We borrowed a library book filled with kids baking ideas.  The little Bowerbird is hilarious to watch when she is reading a cook book or magazine.  Her eyes widen, and she oohs and ahhs as her little tongue darts around tasting the food she is seeing. The cake for daddy was her choice, and there was no question about her helping, as soon as I walk into the kitchen she is dragging a chair behind me.

Then it was time to get her party shoes on, it was of no consequence that they were a little twisted and back to front. "Can we have some music mum? Gotye (spoken with correct pronunciation) or Kimbra?"


The middle and little ones did some very fancy decorating, some how the big Bowerbird missed out on the action and was very dirty with me not including her on the lolly scattering fiesta.  The pista de resistance was this extra special, although environmentally suspect, candle.  You find them in good Asian grocery stores and they are great for all who mourn the ban of home lit fireworks.
 Light the candle.
Enjoy the pyrotechnical display as the electronic tunes of happy birthday begin.  The plastic petals slowly unfold.

  And reveal lit candles that turn gently in a circle.

Even after the centre sparkle has finished the candles keep revolving. Birthday goood times!
 The cake was delicious, and as I doubled the recipe we are still eating it.
A great beginning to the Bowerbird Dad's weekend of turning 40.


  1. That candle is outstanding! My hubby wants one- he says for one of the kids birthdays but I think he wants one for his birthday :)

    1. Outstanding is correct. We had one for my daughters 1st birthday, and had been on the hunt for another, they're not super easy to come by. The dad found this one and was like a kid in a lolly shop with his excitement.

  2. Wow--what a fancy cake! I've never seen a candle like that! It looks like you all had a very lively party!

  3. Oh my, that candle is really something! What a treat!


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