Friday, September 7, 2012

Father's Day 2012 Botanical Gardens

Father's Day - Warning, self indulgent post with lots of pictures.
Admiring Yarn Bombing, Lygon St, Melbourne
 Sipping delicious coffee at my favourite Cafe, Tiamos.
  A picnic in the Royal Botanical Gardens
 Enjoying a cuddle with mum. 

Climbing trees and admiring elephants. 

 Trying hard to resist riding an elephant.




  Bees making stalactites.

  Bonding with the trees and climbing volcanoes.


We love you bigger than a fig tree daddy!
Looking forward to cuddling my dad in a few days time!


  1. Love the pics of the kids in the trees. Those red cabbage looking plants look amazing!

    1. Succulent heaven! There was much tree climbing joy, the highest climb ever apparently.

  2. Georgeous fig tree isn't it? I love the picture of the pond with it's little round islands..the colour of the water is just beautiful.

    1. I just adore fig trees and the pond is great. Guilfoyles folly, really cool volcano landscaping.

  3. Looks like a great day had by all.......Love the pic of the family leaving the gardens with the city skyline in the background. And of course a trip to the big smoke wouldn't be complete without the favorite coffee..........
    Have a Great Weekend.....

    1. Thanks Andrea, such an oasis in the city, and good coffee is such a treat.

  4. Botanical gardens are so peaceful and relaxing. I have never seen bees make stalactites before. Looks like a wonderful day for all, not just dad.

    1. Can never go wrong with a trip to the gardens, my first bee stalactite, so awesome that they left them.

  5. This is so gorgeous, Happy Father's Day - you sure know how to celebrate family fun, love Posie


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