Wednesday, September 12, 2012


Eight is a beautiful age.  Full of love, and joy, craziness, fun, and enthusiasm for the world. The Middle Bowerbird woke early, buzzing with the knowledge that it was his birthday, and the most perfect of spring days was happening outside. The sort of day you would change nothing about, perfumed with flowers, blue skies, sun and still.

There were gifts from us and some from family we have been saving until the day, this is from a dear Auntie who knows us all too well! I hope this gets him inspired.

I found some classic old badminton rackets at the op shop and we got some new shuttlecocks. He was so thrilled with these, as he had been having fun playing badminton at school earlier in the year. I remembered seeing some rackets at the tip shop so made a trip there to see if we could get enough for a family set. Amazingly there was a near new badminton set, still in its box, so we now have the net and four more rackets (no where near as nice as the old ones though). 

The tooth fairy also came and left $2 for the second tooth that has fallen out this week. Oh those baby teeth are so precious, amazing to hold that little tooth and remember when it first popped up, all that dribbling and tears.

He went off to school with containers filled with vanilla cup cakes (baked by his sister) to share with his class mates. He shares the same birthday as his teacher, and there was birthday songs and lots of well wishes, he came home beaming. The kids pulled out the tip shop badminton and game of Twister and had a great time playing on the lawn in the sunshine.

Drake's Comprehensive Compendium of Dragonology (Ologies)

Tonight he is lining up for a serious reading of this compendium - he's just crazy for all things dragon, but especially loves this book which he borrowed from the library, but wanted to read again and again.

Thankyou to everyone who commented on my last post and their reflections on violence, it wasn't easy to write about, but it seemed untruthful to describe the night without its full events. The light and dark of life, always travelling with us.


  1. QBD book shop have that book at a really good price if you are interested.

  2. Thanks for the tip, I hadn't heard of QBD! we got it online from Fishpond for him, not nearly so cheap. Looks like they have some other great ones in the range.

  3. Hi Kirsty, it looks like Middle Bowerbird's eighth birthday was a fantastic day for him. I love that toothless smile..says it all!

    1. The new teeth are moving in pretty fast, kind of a shame as that totthless goofy grin is too cute.

  4. your right 8 is a delightful age..happy birthday Master 8

  5. Happy Birthday, Bowerbird Boy! :)

  6. Eight - what a great age! and look at that smile - happy birthday to your gorgeous boy. cheers Wendy

  7. Happy birthday. Your son is just beaming, what a perfect day for him.


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