Monday, September 24, 2012

To Market to Market

There were no pigs, but I love this nursery rhyme.

Another day at the market, not as financially successful as the last, but just as fulfilling, a little easier the second time, I knew what I was doing, and I had two great helpers, and two good buddies to sit next to. I brought my camera along without it's memory card (don't you hate it when you do that!), fortunately Christine from Slow Living Essentials came to the rescue (she has some great pics of the day on her site). She and her daughter had the most exquisite hand crafted stall.

 I really need two spots to fit all my stuff! Unfortunately, on returning home, there is a lot still waiting to be unpacked from my car, perhaps one more market.

My daughter and her friend had some super funky face painting from a gorgeous and creative
 French lady. They were happy to do sales while I wandered, they got so excited when someone bought something.

 I got to chill out with good friends, people watch, and listen to music. I had some great chats with some of the other stall holders and had fun trading with them.

I'd really love to create something for the next market, if only I was a little more crafty.


  1. What a nice day, and really love the face paintings, they are gorgeous. I know what you mean about being more crafty. I have my hobbies, but it's not something I could pack up and take to a sale.

    1. Crafty wannabee, I know I could get there - just need to apply myself a little. The face paints were divine.

  2. So glad we got to sit next to each other, too! A lovely day.

    Thinking of future about something interactive with kids? You're a natural.

    A good time for sowing seeds too, this could be a good filler until you decide what to hone in on..just a thought.

    Hope you're all enjoying this glorious weather, another sunny one today by the looks of it. Xx

    1. thanks for the ideas Chrisitine, loving the sun. I would like to do something around environmental education and inspire new greenies, just need to figure out what!

  3. Use to love doing the markets at Balmain many eons ago. Sounds like everyone had a good day. Hope you sold lots of stuff as well


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