Tuesday, February 12, 2013

First Day of School and Sugar

 Notice anything wrong with this picture?


 2nd try

 Looking Guilty 

  And very Loved 

  Some crazy doggy antics, and then they march off to catch up with buddies and meet their new teachers and grades. I marvel every year at how big they are getting, and they roll their eyes at my surprise.

I made the little one cry this week, by showing her and her siblings the video animation below.  There has been a lot of post Xmas nagging for sweet treats, and I was trying to get the point across that they weren't good for you, with this great animation.

Unfortunately I may have made the little Bowerbird think she was going to die, either that or she was disturbed at the prospect of less sweet treats in the house.  Some serious tears and mother guilt, oops, sometimes you really don't know how you're children will react to things.  Anyway, perhaps we all need a little shocking on the sugar front. I have a friend going sugar free at the moment and I am a little awe struck, and inspired. Would love to set a family challenge.

What does this have to do with the first day of school? Not a lot, although they did get a muffin in their lunch box, and some fruit and a sandwich of course.  Do you think that's OK?

Anyway the bigger two quite enjoyed the video, and even I learnt a thing or two. I didn't know about the hormone leptin, and that sugar blocks our receptors in the brain that tell us we're full. Check it out if you're interested in traumatising your kids too.

Sugar Is Killing Us


Any non-sweet lunch box suggestions? - fruit and sandwiches can get a little dull.


  1. They all look so grown up! I am dreading the first day of school...not sure how to handle it with 2! I just attended my teens yr 12 induction and yet it seems like only yesterday she started school!
    Embrace those moments xxx

  2. I think I'll show that vid to my daughter too. I hope I don't traumatise her too - but I think you are right - a little shock tactic is OK ;-)


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