Saturday, February 9, 2013

Scienceworks Hot day out

When the temperatures soar, and the North winds blow, we leave home. Our little town is situated in one of the most bushfire prone areas of the planet. Rather than be grim and worried about it, I try to turn these scorching days into an adventure.  Over summer we went to the movies, the Melbourne Museum, visited friends and cousins, went shopping, and had a lovely Vietnamese lunch with Mr Bowerbird. It can be exhausting, and not always cheap or practical, but at least we are safe. I am very ready for some rain and a little less of the feeling of living on a box of matches. There is a limit to how many things you can do with three children on a hot day.

On this particular day it was a searing 42 degrees in Melbourne, we wilted getting from the car to the foyer of Scienceworks, but it was worth the walk.  The air was so delightfully cool we were immediately content and required nothing more to enjoy our day. 

Instead we were greeted with the Carnival of Science exhibition, and quite the carnival it was.

A hall of mirrors


Laying on a bed of nails - the machine weighs you and then the nails emerge, not for the faint hearted.

Balls that leap back at you if not thrown on the right angle

A chance to try some circus tricks

I put my head in here and then backed out at the last minute, I could not face my fear, unlike the brave Big Bowerbird!

Well worth a visit, but I'm a sucker for a bit of science.


Event Type: Temporary Exhibition

Daily, Until 13 Oct 2013
10:00 AM - 4:30 PM



  1. I love that temporary exhibit, I had way more fun in that than some of the more 'glamorous' ones they've had recently. Even though the kids didn't say so I like to think they were impressed with my hula hoop skills.

    1. yes Liz, I totally agree. Less hype but more fun. I had a go at hula hooping, but my mum is the real star on that front, she can walk and hula with her eyes closed. I think my kids were impressed that I braved the bed of nails, it was a little freaky. Did you face your fear on the guillotine?

  2. We have always enjoyed any interactive science center, yours looks like a lot of fun. Hope you aren't having to worry about bush fires. As for that bed of nails, not me, but I would have tried the guillotine.

    1. Some bushfires a little close for comfort at the moment, but fortunately nothing major, crossing our fingers for rain. Scienceworks is great, and always changing.


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