Monday, February 18, 2013

Old School Train Travel

 I am so far behind on blogging I can't choose what to blog about, it should be tonight's peach cobbler, but seeing as I was in Maldon yesterday I am reminded of this beautiful school holiday outing. 
The day began on a regular fast V/Line train, a trip on the Bendigo line from home to to Castlemaine.  

 The Bowerbirds turn into zombies every time I photograph them
From Castlemaine we joined the Victorian Goldfields Railway, it was so hard to decide which carriage to board on our journey to Maldon.  So much vintage goodness. We have watched the Goldfields steam train pass our home on previous occasions, and been utterly enchanted   It is the sound of a bygone era chugging along, leaving a magical trail of steam in its wake. Unfortunately the day we travelled, they were not using the steam train due to the risk of starting a fire in these tinder dry parts, instead we had the Diesel train. It felt like an episode of Thomas the Tank Engine, only there was no fat controller, just an amazingly friendly train enthusiast who wandered through the carriages answering questions and ensuring we were happy. Which we were of course, abundantly happy. This certainly beats travelling all squished into our little Corolla.

 How good is that pressed tin? So lovely to have a compartment to yourself. The world was a much classier place when these trains had their heyday.


 A time when smoking on trains was allowed, and ladies had their own section of the train and toilet. Our journey was slow but delightful, with time to properly see what we were passing and to imagine how times once were, sometimes faster is not always better.  We could open the window and feel the breeze against our face, smelling Eucalypts as we passed through peoples backyards, many stopping their daily business to smile and wave.

 Bouncy seats, I'm not sure that the children's enthusiasm for them would be appreciated by the train restorers.
 A short walk and we arrived in the delightful town of Maldon.
 The Maldon shot tower.

 Vintage car enthusiasts seem to love Maldon, I have never been to Maldon without seeing a number of them.

 A delicious yabby burger and chicken pie for lunch.

Finally we enjoy it all again on the joyous journey home, this time in a new carriage holding some treats from Maldon's chocolate shop.



  1. I love old trains as well. Such a different way of living back then. Your photos are marvellous, thanks for the journey.

    1. If only just a little of today's train design could have some elegance, and not be pure functionality. Purple green and yellow, not particularly lovely train colours.

  2. Looks like a lovely old town and a great day out. Wouldn't it be nice to really take a step back in time!!

    1. back in time, ooh yes, there's probably a market for old world train travel - a bit like Sovereign Hill, only moving.

  3. What a delightful outing! We took a similar train trip from the same station about 4 years ago - when the youngest was going through her 'Thomas the Tank Engine' phase. Loved the train trip but we didn't stop anywhere near Maldon..just out in the sticks somewhere where we had a shortish break before hopping back on for the return journey.

    Stopping for lunch would've capped it off nicely! Maldon looks lovely. :)

    1. Maldon is lovely, and really close for a visit, and yes lunch was beautiful. They have a store that only sell food within a certain distance - maybe 30km, its pretty cool.

  4. Isn't that train just spectacular...your pics took me back in time a little...what a huge outing it must have been to travel on the train back then...i love history and the bowerbirds look like they were having such a great time. Adore that first pic of natural and happy xx

    1. it really was the most delightful trip, one of those rare ones when everyone is happy and there is no whinging, bliss

  5. Love the train journey. Those old seats remind me of one in storage.


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