Wednesday, May 22, 2013

For Dog Lovers Only

I love our doggy companion Zef (he's the wolfy grey Norwegian Elkhound). We've had him around 6 months now and he has settled in well, becoming part of our family and routine, we're all quite besotted with him. Zef turned one in March but still has oodles of puppy energy.  He's so enthusiastic, in the morning he greets me like I'm chocolate - lots of love and cuddles and tail wagging. It starts the day on such a good note, being greeted like a celebrity. He loves to run and has even encouraged me to break into the odd happy jog when taking him for a walk (I am usually quite averse to running).

Zef loves everyone, and expects that they will love him in return. He's yet to understand that he's too large to be leaping into someone's arms, a little overwhelming for the unsuspecting visitor.  He'd really like to be a lap dog, he's such a smoocher.

Zef also loves his fellow dog, and has befriended our neighbours dog Taco (Taco is the brindle and white mystery bag -Staffy cross Boxer cross Monkey).  It is just as well they are buddies, as Taco has the most amazing acrobatic skills, he can climb ladders and tall fences, and delights in coming around to our house for a play. The pair go crazy for hours, playing tug of war, sharing bones, chasing each other and working out who is top dog.  It can look a little extremely wild, but they really are just having a wonderful time. Great exercise for the both of them, and entertainment for us, although two dogs hurtling through the air is not always good for my garden.




  1. What a great friendship these dogs have. I have called by today to thank you for your online friendship and comments on my blog.

  2. Awww, so cute he has made a friend! Love the expressions on their faces.


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And shook her yellow head,
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"Winter is dead.”
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young