Thursday, May 9, 2013

Junior Landcare, Tales, Stories and Winter Solstice Lanterns

There are some new volunteer mums helping out with our school's Junior Landcare program with lots of ideas and enthusiasm.  Last week I just came and helped out with Landcare rather than having to coordinate the activities,  it was lovely. This week I'm having a week off. So good to know it is valued, and that others will help to keep it going if I step back.

First there was a story from one of our wonderful local story tellers. She told an African tale, but made it local by including the Pobblebonk frog, the theme of the story was that everything is connected. I am amazed how much Kate can put to memory, she weaved a wonderful tale and had the children mesmerised.

Then the classes split into two groups.

One group went on a nature walk and talked about deciduous plants and what was happening this time of year in the garden.

The second group made winter solstice lanterns.

Students chose a few Autumn leaves
They stuck these onto recycled glass jars with PVA, the less crunchy ones were best.
Some kids didn't like the feel of the glue and struggled with keeping their leaves on, so having a couple of parent helpers was definitely handy. It was a great problem solving activity.

After the leaves were stuck down tissue paper was placed over the whole jar and also glued with PVA.  The jars will wait in our ecoshed until the evening of the Winter Solstice when we will have a bonfire to celebrate.

They look much prettier lit up.

Last year we made these CD flowers, finally we got around to putting them up. First they were spray painted and the children had fun etching designs into them with nails. Finally they were glued together with liquid nails. They send beautiful rainbows out when the sun hits them.

It is proving to be the most magical Autumn. 


  1. Now... THERE's a use for dead CD's! I must have a million of those laying around!

  2. Beautiful projects for a beautiful time of year! Loving those lanterns.

  3. Oh i love those CD's and the going to try both those ideas....thanks so much for your lovely inspiration as always with your pics!
    We will be heading to our annual town lantern parade for the winter solstice soon...can't wait!


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“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
"Winter is dead.”
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young