Thursday, May 23, 2013

The Last Days of Autumn and Damper on Sticks

There is a bite in the air after a warm, dry Autumn. The days are short, our solar Christmas lights start twinkling at dinner time, they make much more sense this time of year. So bright and cheery in the dark. I have been enchanted with the deciduous trees this year, it seems the trees have held their leaves longer and the have glowed brighter.  There has been more sunny, calm days to enjoy being outside. After the long hot summer it has been a gift, perhaps a small upside to global warming.

There are still potatoes trying to grow, despite the frosts. Pulling out some rogue ones I was gifted with a few volunteers today. The garlic have their heads up and I have planted many more to share and enjoy throughout the year.
 The clematis is in bud, promising a starry white display.

The little bowerbird makes an Autumn ring and plucks dried beans from their pods.

 Correas are proffering nectar for eager honeyeaters.

 We nibble on sweet pineapple sage flowers and stop and smell the roses.

 A 3 year old hollyhock re-emerges to show off its pink ruffles.

 There are fairy wishes to be made

 Self sown freckle lettuces need thinning
 Daisies embrace the extra moisture and lingering sunshine.
  The tree magnolia sends forth enormous seed heads, like caveman clubs.
  The camellias have already grown their buds for a spring display
 The middle Bowerbird wants to light a fire, we decide to cook damper in the chiminea - stick style - using this recipe. A chorus of children are pleading for marshmallows and eventually we give in.


The moon is large and bright and glowing amber rainbows. 
Embracing the coming of the dark and cold nights to gather around a fire.

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In the spring, at the end of the day, you should smell like dirt.
Margaret Atwood

“She turned to the sunlight
And shook her yellow head,
And whispered to her neighbour:
"Winter is dead.”
― A.A. Milne, When We Were Very Young