Thursday, May 2, 2013

Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne - Children's Garden

The Royal Botanic Gardens Melbourne, a foreboding sky loomed but we braved a walk anyway.  The gardens are huge, but the little Bowerbird was happy to run and explore, we seemed to walk for miles. The garden's old sculptures and architecture present a vision of another time - when queens loomed large, powerful lions perched at their side, Roman columns stood tall supporting them, and beautiful women gazed steadily at onlookers. When Roman myths guided the way we looked at ourselves and the world around us, and money was invested in large, ornate, art and architecture to show the wealth and success of the new colony.

We came to the Botanic Gardens to admire the trees and flowers, and enjoy the inner city serenity. Autumn was looking spectacular, and birds were pipping in high pitched voices around us. Eventually we wound our way to the Children's Garden, we went the long way as I have no sense of direction, but the long detour is always worthwhile. I adore the Children's Garden, with places to hide, climb, twist and turn, explore and wonder. It gets better every time we visit.
 The best cubby ever, I especially like those curly bits on the top.

I was secretly glad to see that citrus can still have problems even when there is a bevy of trained horticulturalists on hand.
Of course most of the gardens are without fault, I love these raised beds and organised plantings. A school group was industriously watering the veggies with little watering cans whilst we were there.

The gardens have amazing children's programs, great for inner city kids to get their hands dirty, I came away with some excellent ideas for our school garden and our garden at home.
This design is meant to evoke the feeling of being under the sea, such clever use of plants.


  1. Beautiful! I haven't been there in years. I was interested to see their lettuces planted with the watering system like mine. I always worry if the plants are not right on a dripper but they obviously haven't worried as the lettuces down the middle are not near the drippers.

    1. It's a great watering set up, if watered enough the area should be wet right through, would love it at my house.

  2. I have those same leaf miners..... You didn't happen to notice if they had labelled the bell shaped chilli did you? I grow the same one (as far as I can tell from the photo) and everyone gives me different names for it.

    1. They had labelled the chilli but I can't recall its name, they are so prolific and cute. I imagine if you emailed the gardens they'd get back to you. Darn citrus and its bugs, so tasty for so many things.

  3. Oh I love it, I love the Royal Botanical Gardens. I love going there with my munchkins and letting them take it slow before heading back into the city. Beautiful

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