Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Apple Muffins

"What sweet thing will we make today mummy'?" Hmmm, making sweet things wasn't really on the days agenda.  "I want to make apple muffins". "Can we make apple muffins?". "Lets make apple muffins mummy", "Is that a plan mummy?" Such willpower. I can put off and delay her inspiration for a little while, pull out the paints, or the playdough, but the little Bowerbird does not forget, and she does not give up. "Mummy, you said after lunch we'd make apple muffins" (cleverly omitting the 'might' in my sentence).  Really, I should just say yes straight away and begin the inevitable, after all, what's not to like about apple muffins?

We are Googling recipes and the little one instructs, A is for apple. She knows I am typing letters. We choose this one

They looked promising on the outside, but when chopped in half they were seriously moist, wet in fact, not quite the result I was after. 

At first I thought they were a disaster, but warmed up in the microwave they were like a desert apple pudding, and as the days went by they improved. Not one muffin from the doubled recipe was wasted. It did seem a strange recipe as I was making it, no eggs.

The above images are of May's apple muffins which I never bothered posting, as they weren't really up to scracth.

When the urge for apple muffins struck the little one yesterday we decided to try a different recipe. This one used chopped rather than grated apples.  The little Bowerbird helped dice them into small pieces. There was mixing, and lots of tasting. Again we took a punt and doubled the recipe, 12 muffins last a pitifully short time in our house. Rather than making the topping we just sprinkled on some raw sugar.

These muffins are light and filled with tasty apple chunks, just perfect.  The funny thing is, that  the little Bowerbird has turned her nose up at them. She doesn't really like the chunks of apple. Sigh, at least the rest of the house is happy.


  1. Obviously the fun was in them making and licking of the bowl. Looked pretty good to me.

  2. They look amazing :) I made apple muffins with grated apples, once! Much prefer the diced kind, though. So moist!
    Lovely blog. Glad I found you, from Down to Earth. :)


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