Saturday, July 28, 2012

Suitcase Rummage


A rare moment - clothes drying on the line this week. Hallelujah to sunny days.
Getting goods prepared for:

What: Suitcase Rummage
When: Sunday July 29, 11am - 5pm (highly civilised)
Where: Thornbury Theatre 859 High Street, Thornbury, Melbourne (indoors!)

My first ever market stall - and the first time this market has ever been held in Melbourne.

Stalls are booked out so there should be suitcases aplenty.

Wish me luck! It will be fun checking out this beautiful Theatre.


  1. *gasp!* Those aprons! You're parting with them?

    Enjoy the rummage!! :)

  2. Oh wow best of luck. I did my first rummage a few months back when it was the Gold Coast. I was more than pleased to make my stall fee back and a small profit.

  3. ooh good luck - looks like heaps of fun. I just wish it was a bit closer! cheers Wendy


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