Saturday, July 14, 2012

Grateful for Rodents

Cumquat and Babushka have been members of our house for well over a month now, but we are still getting acquainted. Holding them on your lap is a special treat for all the Bowerbirds, mum and dad included. 

What's to love about guinea pigs

  • They make the best noises when they are happy, and chat away with adorable squeaks and rumbles. Think Zuzu pets only better.
  • Their fur is wondrously soft and so soothing to pat.
  • They can be trained.  The big Bowerbird is having some success teaching them to come to her lap when called.
  • They are seriously cute - those big whiskers and little button noses are so sweet.
  • They are cheap to feed - we have abundant excess produce to share with them.
  • They are fun to feed. They will happily be hand fed, and the little Bowerbird loves going on a garden hunt to find them new things to eat. They make gorgeous happy sounds when you put some fresh greens in their cage.
  • They are very forgiving.  The little Bowerbird is not always the best guinea pig handler but they have never responded with a scratch or nip.
  • They lick - those little tongues are forever seeking salt.
  • They are wonderfully social. They talk to each other, snuggle together, jump and dive with each other, and huddle in their bark cave together when frightened.
  • They are making great material for our compost bin.
  • They are teaching a great lesson to our eldest, who is their owner, in how to care for pets and be responsible. She is now a walking encyclopaedia of guinea pig facts. Did you know they are a species of rodent?



What's not to love about guinea pigs. 

  • They have absolutely no qualms about weeing and pooing on you. I managed to get wee on my back during our first patting session - thoroughly unexpected and not a pleasant experience.  A towel is necessary to have around at all times. Fortunately this is a rarer event now that we know their ways - note to self, do not let a guinea pig climb around your top.
  • Cage Cleaning. It's remarkable how much wee and poo two little critters can generate. The big Bowerbird has stayed true to her word and has cleaned the cage every couple of days since their arrival. There are a few extra old towels to wash, and a few extra clothes that have suffered their mishaps, but nothing major to add to the housework.

Did you know there is a Peruvian Guinea Pig Festival where they dress the guinea pigs up in fancy clothing? I won't show you the pictures of what comes later.

Grateful for our new additions.

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  1. Very cute! They make great pets! Haven't visited for a while - glad all is well. I started a link in Thursday Garden Journal - would love for you to join in! xx Rach

    1. I'll try and remember to post something Rach, not very inspiring garden weather so might be the kick along I need.

  2. Gorgeous pics! I was very fond of my dear guinea pigs when I was a little girl. Agree, all wonderful lessons. xoxox

    1. My partner had guinea pigs as a kid and even showed them. My first time having them as pets though and I am quite enchanted.

  3. They are so cute! I can totally see why you are in love with them. I have a rabbit, but he is quite old, blind and seems to be losing his friendly nature. He used to be very good with kids (and somehow he could tell between kids and adults), but now he can easily bite anyone, if they are in his face too much.

    1. I had a rabbit who got nippy and scratchier as he got older, he was always a little wild and difficult to tame. He was also quite fond of spraying which was never good.

  4. Oh my goodness, such cute little creatures!
    We had hamsters growing up but these little critters are just adorable!!
    Have a great weekend

    1. Hamsters look pretty sweet too. Thanks for the well wishes Linda.

  5. Cute pics Kirsty, although the last one of the dressed up Peruvian Guinea Pig is a little alarming! We love our guineas too, I can so relate to all your points about what's to love about them. Love their names too. Have you bathed them yet? Here's a post about ours being bathed We got past the cage cleaning issue by building them a dome-we just move it around when they have eaten all the grass. So much easier than cleaning a smaller cage. The post about that is

    1. just checked out your posts, one seriously impressive enclosure. It will be fun to give them their first bath.

  6. We had 2 guinea pigs 4 a couple of years and I know what you mean about their cute little noises. The sad tale of their demise will not be told again, suffice to say do not cage those cute little critters outdoors at night.P.S. Having a book giveaway at my blog: early play

    1. pretty cold round here at the moment so they are indoor guinea pigs for now. We have foxes and cats in our area so will definitely bring them in at night.

  7. Guniea pig noises are the best noises in the world :) And dressing them up in outfits - cuteness itself!

    Visiting via 52 Weeks of Grateful :)


  8. Oh, too sweet.

    You must be loving that bulging compost bin full of guinea pig goodness! Gotta love their generosity in that department.

    A snuggly, furry cuddle doesn't go astray either. :)

  9. Beautiful pictures. Guinea pigs are pretty cool lil critters.


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