Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Strolling, Smiling and the Never-ending 40th

Another visit to the city, enjoying excellent food, and strolling Melbourne's laneways and arcades. An overnight stay, a special treat from my parents.  A whole evening of uninterrupted conversation, ah the simple pleasures!

The less simple pleasures. Unfortunately we didn't try any of these delights, there was a hefty queue and we had already had eaten a buffet breakfast that left us full until 4pm. 

After a little inner city time without children (thankyou Nanna and Pa) where do I want to go? The children's garden at the Royal Botanical Gardens of course. I can't even go a day with out a little vegie patch appreciation! It didn't disappoint, every bit as bright and joyful as the Royal Arcade, and a whole lot more soothing.

San Telmo Logo

Finally, an Argentinean late lunch topped off a perfect overnight stay. San Telmo's do carrots to die for, but everything was divine. 

We got home and I had to prepare the house and food for a family gathering - about 25 of us, to celebrate Mr Bowerbird's never-ending 40th. Not quite where my head was at after lolling about in a spa, but a beautiful day that even gave us sunshine for the kids to run and play (thankyou heavens - smiling right back at you).  Of course no photos, really need to remember to pass that job onto someone else when hosting a party.  Even missed out on capturing the beautiful ice sun catchers we strung everywhere. There is talk of a larger party later in the year, when the weather is warmer and we can gather outside. Nothing like marking the day! Then we get to revisit it all again next year when I turn 40.


  1. I was in the city on Sunday and I passed some children that look very like your kids - I was with my kids walking towards the NGV and they were walking towards Flinders St - weird to see them outside of blog land. I think I probably grinned at them inanely while I tried to work out why they looked familiar.

    1. That's so funny, not our kids Sunday but they were there with nanna and pa Saturday visiting giant ants that were roaming fed square and did catch the train to flinders st? Real and blog worlds collide, that would be strange, think I'd stop and stare like a crazy lady.

    2. You're right it was Saturday and it was strange, for ages I thought they must have been on an ad or something before it clicked. We missed the giants ants unfortunately - that sounds fun.

  2. OMG, probably passed you in Melbourne. we walked passed this babushka shop in the arcade which we all oohed and aahed over and saw many amazing little lanes and tessilated tiled floored arcades and ate yummy vegan, and other food, loved the street art and the trams!

    1. Babushkas, what's not to love about a shiny fat smiling toy holding hidden surprises? I love the arcades, they feel like a step back in time, so much love and beauty in their creation. Far, far more soul than the shopping centres of today. We could have had a blogger's convention in town! I love looking at the street art too.

  3. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. I posted some photos on my blog yesterday of a weekend trip we did to Melbourne in 2009! And I also had a photo of Gog and McGog those 2 characters that strike the clock in the Royal arcade! lol

  4. What a lovely weekend and such beautiful photos.


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