Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Painting with Packaging and Slow Weekends

A thoughtful gift for my birthday. Unfortunately, due to ridiculously sensitive skin,  they make me itch.  The big Bowerbird is very glad that I have this problem as she is rather partial to a bath bomb.

The box was filled with biodegradable packing peanuts which make excellent craft products. 
 If you wet the end they become sticky and you can sculpt with them. Apparently you can even use them as a food source, if desperate, but we didn't try that out.


Whilst the children played there was some seed sorting.  I finally cracked open my spaghetti squash, alas no spaghetti, but perfectly formed seeds (anyone know if that is normal with spaghetti squash?).  I didn't want to waste the flesh so I grated it and put it into apple and spaghetti squash muffins - quite delicious.

After the packaging peanuts had been used to build towers that were subsequently demolished, we added some water and food dye to them - the little Bowerbirds had a wonderful time making goo.

 Everything is more fun with food dye.

The food dye also came out to add to a batch of these macaroons that the big Bowerbird made.

 Then with the packaging goo we made paint.

And just in case there wasn't enough food dye action - green was added to pancakes - food dye and pancakes are a Sunday tradition. We had pancake letters made for each child this weekend and Mr Bowerbird made me a beautiful sun.

  The cold weather led to a day long craftathon. Out came the plasticine.


 Finally the chalk had a workout

love a slow weekend


  1. A fun weekend. Love the colour of the blob painting - a lovely orange/red/pink!

    1. it made surprisingly good paint, and of course its always fun mixing up a brew, very witchy.

  2. It sounds like a perfect slow weekend crafting. I love how creative your little ones are and how much you encourage it with them. I often forget to get out some of those fun activities as the girls have gotten older but I must try and remember to get out the paints this weekend. x

    1. The little ones demand craft, so there's no problem forgetting to get it out here. I hope they still love it as they get bigger. I think the way art is taught at school can be quite discouraging - all about perfecting technique - rather than the joy of making art for arts sake.


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