Thursday, August 30, 2012

Tip Tapping

I watched SBS's Rockwiz last weekend and discovered some great new music to listen to, I just loved the duet at the end of the show. I had heard their music before but only a few times and had not noted who was singing (probably droned out by the less than blissful sounds of three children riding backseat in a small car).  Very excited to find some new sounds to listen to, so thought I would share.

Rockwiz - Jodi (San Cisco) and Helen Croome (Gossling)

Gossling - Wild Love

San Cisco - Awkward

Then You Tube suggested some other amazing sounds

Tip Tapping - The little Bowerbird is very fond of this one.


A fathers day treat means we are going to see Nitin Sawhney at the Art Centre's new Hamer Hall this Sunday. I can't wait!

Nitin Sawhney - Sunset

Made any musical discoveries of late?

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