Thursday, August 2, 2012

Suitcase Rummage and My First Market Stall

We lugged my hefty suitcases to this beautiful Theatre in Thornbury for Melbourne's first ever Suitcase Rummage. Look at that crafty sign. OOOh. So fun perusing the variety of suitcases everyone was carrying, lots of vintage and crafty treasures. The Thornbury Theatre is just incredible, so ornate but with a lovely patina, the perfect place for a winter market in Melbourne.

We felt right at home - they had our lounge-suite (the same one we have at home) to get comfy on.

 A picnic rug to spread out my three suitcases on and set up shop. Was very squizzy, especially with all the little helpers at my side.

Children's books were popular, we already have these two, such classic goodness. One customer relived her childhood flicking through Seven Little Australians, she couldn't leave without it.  It's amazing how the pictures within a children's book from your childhood can send the feelings of joy and wonder flooding back.

I had four helpers.  The original plan was that dad would help set up and then maybe go exploring with the little ones.  But they all had a pretty good time in and around the theatre and stayed all day. There were stairs to climb, beautiful music, and tasty treats.  The middle Bowerbird was very keen on taking money, and the Big Bowerbird was great at reorganising suitcase goods when they got unruly, she was also the photographer for the day. Unfortunately her camera was on the wrong setting and photos were a little blurry and grainy - I gave them a retro look to brighten them up.

 The little Bowerbird did a fine job at just being her cute self. 

I got to have a stall right next to my old high school buddy, so we could chat, relax, and go for a wander while the other person watched the stall. Sooo many great stalls, and talented people, the theatre was full.  I took home some very tasty sour dough but was quite restrained, unlike my neighbour who gave her wardrobe an update.

Christine from Slow Living Essentials visited with her  beautiful girls and kindly bought some goodies.  Check out her pictures of the day here.  She even snuck some of me, looking pretty joyous about that sale!

They opened the bar and there was beer to enjoy at the end of a long day.

The pack up was quick - back into the suitcase you go.  A little less stuff to take home but definitely another market on the cards.

Organisers credit here - Belinda Suzette
So good to have a music fix.
The long trip home. Stopped in at Nannas and had some yummy cheese toasties and a classy croissant bread and butter pudding. Great end to a perfect day.

Roald Dahl's words of wisdom - I love it. Found courtesy of Pip here.


  1. That looks like such fun! We used to have a big annual fundraising rummage sale at the music school that I used to run. One time I was proudly announcing that we had soooo much rummage for people to look through... I was quite disappointed to learn that "rummage" is not actually a noun.

    1. Why not call it rummage? such a good sounding word - like luggage with a sip of rum.

  2. OMG totally jealousy, looks like it was so much fun! photos are awesome :)

    1. I will have to pass on congratulations to the middle Bowerbird on her photography. I think the vintage effect went well with the clothes. As for jealousy - well you New Zealanders have some pretty cool stuff going on - like big mountains with snow!

  3. looks like so much fun..if i was there I would have bought the hand mixer ADORABLE

    1. It went, everyone picked it up and had a play. Wish I had a big kitchen to fill with 50s 60s memorabilia, it's not happening, so it's time to let the adorable stuff go.

  4. Aha! I recognise one of those aprons! ;)

    Great to see you at the market and see all the 'rummage'(!), listen to the music and stare blissfully at the interior.

    Loving that mixer too! What a treasure.

    There was beer at the end?

    Would love to join you sometime if you decide to re-market your offerings. x

    1. Not sure when the bar opened but it was definitely a happy find. The theatre could really market it well - beer and rummage - there was even an amazing spot to sit overlooking all the action upstairs. Would make for great people watching, such a beautiful crowd.

      Oooh how exciting, to market, to market to buy a fat pig.... I would quite like to do another - I hope they will have one, would love to have your company and crafty goodness beside me.

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  6. Dang, you set-up was stacked. It looked so good, I'm sure you did really well with so much merchandise to select from! :) Love the photos and the story.

    1. wow, quite the comment from a vintage sales master!

  7. I'm surprised you didn't come home with more than you went there with :-)


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