Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Werribee Zoo

August last year I had a trip to Werribee Zoo as my daughter was participating in an education program there, this year my son was lucky enough to get to partake. They both had an absolute ball, and learnt so much. The biggest one was so incredibly inspired that she wants to become a zoo keeper, I'm not sure if that is a road to happiness, she would not be the first child to idolise that job. Lots of poo and little pay. Freakishly, we were blessed with a blue sky on both wintry days, perfect weather for wandering with the little Bowerbird.

 I'm besotted with the rustic fencing. Would love to have some of this at my house.

Nanna and Pa met us there, and the Little Bowerbird had a cousin to play with. They pretended they were kangaroos and gorillas, safari drivers, and tickled each other with newly found feathers.

 A tangle of lions

 "You get out!", Pa was not allowed to sit near the drivers seat.

The rhinocerous equivalent of the bird, look out if a Rhinocerous give you the tail, they are not pleased to see you.

 Pretending they are bears on a rock.

I love the African village aesthetic of Werribee Zoo, and their new junkyard totem poles are really something. The gardens are beautiful, filled with flowering wattles and Clematis, and the open spaces and winding paths are a joy for the little ones. The long drive home through traffic was far less appealing.  

The wonderful Big Bowerbird offered to cook dinner after our huge day and I gladly took her up on it.  A delicious mushroom pasta with fresh herbs and salmon, and I did nothing, oh the happiness of having an 11 year old daughter.


  1. Looks like little bowerbird was having so much fun! What a fantastic wish we lived nearby to something like that! Your pics are just gorgeous....i loved scrolling through your day.....and it is wonderful to have dinner cooked isn't it?Meerkats are always my favourite...i could watch them for ages!

  2. It's a lovely day out isn't it? I don't really like zoos very much, but we all enjoyed this one. Mind you our boy was only a wee lad then - he is now 17. Lot's of fun - espec. the ride across the paddock where all the wild things are. cheers Wendy

  3. This is a spectacular place. I only recently went to the local zoo for the first time in nearly 20 years, it hasn't changed much each animal is in a cage, or a very small outdoor enclosure. I find it depressing and wish things could change, but I don't think it ever will as it is land-locked by the city.


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