Friday, January 20, 2012

Car Travel with Kids

The journey home from Phillip Island was remarkably quick and peaceful.  Especially as I slept half the way.  We have a little car and its pretty squishy in the back for the Bowerbirds, especially with the car seat. This forced extreme closeness doesn't always bode well for Bowerbird harmony. Fortunately the littlest nodded off quickly and some activity books helped the other two keep occupied.  The middle Bowerbird got a set of Action Packs for Christmas and was really enjoying  playing the car trip treasure hunt that had a list of things to find,it's surprising how hard it can be to find a VW Beetle.  It would be fun to make up our own treasure hunt for the next trip - could even add some sight specific markers to look out for - like the Giant Koala or the sea on Phillip Island.
 It rained for two days following our departure so not the worst time to leave the beach. I took this from the car before I nodded off.

Do you have any favourite games for long car trips?


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