Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Sawdust and Jumping into the New Year

I ordered some sawdust for our vegie patch paths about two months ago.  You put your name on the list and if you answer when they call it arrives promptly at your doorstep.  Unfortunately I was 2 hours too late with the last call came, and it was a long wait between rings. This huge pile of pine and hardwood sawdust came 2 days before Christmas and has turned out to be an unexpected gift to the children.  They don't want me to get the wheel barrow out.

I love the softness and quietness of it as a path. Apparently snails don't like to go over it and, as it saps all the nitrogen from the soil, not much likes to grow in it.

Now I just have to move the mountain, at least no one is complaining while it's sitting there, don't kids just love to climb!

The kids did this for me on New Years Eve and I was going to post it sooner but was having computer troubles. Still sweet.  A good friend recently introduced me to the tradition of jumping into the New Year at midnight.  I had a sleeping child on my lap so was chair bound, but raised my feet in the spirit of it.  Think I might steal that tradition as well as some star gazing that someone else had recommended. Nice to be reminded of the infinite universe we live in at the start of a new year and to enter is with some gusto.

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  1. Whoop! You got your sawdust! Wonderful. Looks like it's getting a thorough pre-garden workout performing as a leaping platform. I really like this idea of leaping into the new year, too! Happy new year. :)


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