Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Sprinklers and Smiles

It's been a long hot drought. So long that none of our kids, including the big Bowerbird, has ever known the joys of a sprinkler in the backyard. Fortunately La Nina, kind lady, has arrived and brought some welcome rain with her. Among our kookier presents this year, was a sprinkler, all wrapped up under the Christmas tree .  As soon as it was turned on the kids dived under the droplets of dancing water, making up for years of sprinkler deprivation.

 My childhood is filled with memories of sprinkler games, I feel like I know all the varieties intimately - how they sound, the rainbows of refracted light they make, how they move, how the jets feel, how tough they are when jumped on, and how effectively they cool the skin on a hot day.
    Item image
Of course there are always new inventions - meet the noodle head.
Mr Bowerbird made the sprinkler selection, I was after a fun factor in our device and this one moves around and can be adjusted to deliver water in certain directions. The beauty of putting it on, is it waters all our fruit trees whilst providing endless joy to the kidlets.

  They all went in fully clothed, not realising how wet they'd become.


 Utterly Refreshed after a good dunking.
To be honest using a sprinkler feels very naughty after all these years. I think it was pretty silly of Melbourne Water to lift the restrictions as broadly as they have, as we still live in a dry continent that can ill afford to be wasting water on lawns. Victoria had gotten used to being water wise and it seems foolish to let us go back to our old habits. On the other hand it's great to able to water the vegie patch without standing around for hours with a bucket or hose. We rent so getting a water tank is not really an option. Those squeals of watery delight are lovely. How do you feel about sprinklers? Good or bad?


  1. Love the look of joy on their faces...i love the sprinkler and letting the kids run under it as it was such a big part of my childhood memories too....but i still feel guilty. It's a shame to feel this way, i use one similar to your's to do the vegie patch as i feel i use less water this way than hand watering for an hour!
    I think as long as we use it responsibly it should be able to make a comeback to the family fun agenda.....and the looks on their faces say it all!

  2. Fond memories of "getting under the sprinkler" with my brother and sisters, not so fond memories of the bee stings. I have a great low-pressure sprinkler which i use on the veggie garden, all water comes from our tanks so i must be careful not to waste any, just the local birds(feathered variety)enjoy getting under the sprinkler!
    Best wishes for the New Year.

  3. The looks of pure joy on their faces is priceless.

  4. I absolutely agree with you about it being silly to lift the water restrictions on watering lawns but similarly we have been having lots of sprinkler fun. I still haven't felt that there is enough water to buy a slip and slide though. I do have great memories of playing on ours for hours when we were kids. Perhaps if its keeps raining this year....

  5. When I was a kid we would put the water sprinkler underneath the trampoline while we jumped on it. It was so much fun! looks like they are having a lot of fun, too! :)


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