Monday, January 9, 2012

In the Garden - December

credit - Big Bowerbird 


 It has been the most amazing month for butterflies.  This is the female Common Brown Butterfly, a terribly unromantic although accurate name, they are seriously common this time of year, but there is nothing common about them. They are just delightful. They also have the amazing skill of being able to aestivate - a bit like hibernating however they are trying to avoid our hot dry summer. After the hot summer they lay their eggs on grass and begin their cycle again.

 Male and female Common Brown Butterfly

It's really worth letting some members of Allium family flower, just for their butterfly attracting qualities.

We've been enjoying eating them too.


  1. Beautiful photos, especially the close ups of the butterflies. Very hard to get

  2. Garlic, onions and blueberries! Yum, you're purple garlic looks amazing.

    Hasn't it been a fantastic year for butterflies? They seem to be everywhere...

  3. Your garden is looking so productive. The close up photographs are beautiful. I love photos of butterflies, they are such pretty creatures. I do find them a bit tricky to photograph though. On our day trip the other day I really wanted to take a photo of a blue butterfly with black tips on their wings but they wouldn't keep still. (lol) :)


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