Thursday, August 4, 2011

Mutato Project: Celebrating Imperfect Beauty Uli Westphal

Mutato Project: Celebrating Imperfect Beauty @PSFK

Mutato Project: Celebrating Imperfect Beauty

I have been browsing blogs and came across two delightfully warped vegetables.  One raunchy carrot at

and a unicorn tomato at

they reminded me of an artwork I'd heard about earlier in the year.

Uli Westphal has taken the most delightful pictures of kooky vegetables collected from Berlin's Farmers Markets 2006 - present.

Amazing how we home growers are the only ones who get to see such whimsical joys when we delve into the vegie patch harvest, supermarkets reject them.  I have a delightful giant zuchinni shaped like a travel pillow that I picked in January and still haven't parted with.  My two year old calls it 'the slug'.  I'll be looking forward to finding some more mutatoes during the summer harvest. Have you found anything interesting in the garden?

Had to add Mark's Daikon after his comment below, great legs!

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  1. Did you see my pictures of the Daikon? See my post of 26 June, entitled "Mixed Veg"...


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