Tuesday, December 13, 2011

More Raspberry goodness and Gado Gado

 I came home from Xmas shopping on Sunday to the smell of this.  The big Bowerbird daughter had been in the kitchen whipping up not just one, but two raspberry and apple pies.  I think she found the recipe on Taste.com.  Would you believe there are about 5 punnets of raspberries in these, only a dish for the home grower with a bumper crop.


 It disappeared pretty fast.

  Strangely the little one didn't want hers, not that that posed much of a problem.

We had our first burst of really hot weather last week. After intending to make Gado Gado Thursday then napping on the couch instead, it was the perfect cool dinner for a hot Friday night.

 Home grown potatoes, the first of the bandicooted spuds.  It's the satay sauce that really makes the dish.  We mixed up peanut butter, water, fish sauce, shrimp paste, brown sugar, soy sauce, and lime juice - the result was a tasty salty sweet sour concoction to drizzle on fresh crunchy salad, boiled eggs and home grown potatoes. it's a great harvest dish as you can just use whatever's growing in the garden. Most of our meals are served up like this - smorgasbord style - to cater for all the different taste buds in our house.
More raspberry jam made by that clever daughter of mine, this time using our home made apple pectin as we didn't have any lemons. Sooo good and quick to disappear.


  1. Yummy, the Gado Gado looks delish! Love your home grown potatoes and I am reminiscing over the santas on your window sill. We had the exact little set when I was a kiddie.

  2. That gado gado looks delicious! I can't believe how many raspberries you had. So lucky! I won't see any fruit off mine until Jan/Feb. You've really got me thinking that I should make an effort to grow vegies again. Your garden looks lovely.

  3. Your daughter is certainly setting a high standard isn't she? Your family meal looks very yummy and we are definately going to try that on the menu this week!! Thanks for sharing!

  4. That's so funny you had the same santas 1000 homes of happiness, these came from nannas when they got rid of all their things, and my little ones are rather attached, they end up everywhere.

    Michelle vegies are so much fun to grow - very rewarding. Harvested about 4kg raspberries this week - they're phenomenal.

    Jode I reckon I'll be able to leave her to do all the kitchen stuff in a couple of years, so awesome. Hope you tried and liked the gado gado.


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