Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Wees, Xmas Trees, Crochet and Cubs

Today there was (from end to start)
Me exhausted, at the end of a long day, cleaning up a mega wee accident (it was even going in the hair dryer!), and bathing small Bowerbird, a tired and grumpy Bowerbird mumma missing the help of Bowerbird dad who is away. Must tell him I appreciate him more and apologise for my crankiness to the kids in the morning.

A Cub Scouts performance and end of year celebration, a small fire, cute little faces singing Christmas carols, and beautiful hand made instruments and props.

A mega craft day. I learnt how to crochet (well began to) with Christine at a wonderful crafting morning with her and vegie growing friend Beth - see below my first attempt with wonky stitches that took me most of the day to produce, Christine was a wonderful teacher and very patient. Not only that, she treated us to divine home made bread and an amazing raspberry clafoutis. Beth made some beautiful toys that were great to watch take shape and Christine whipped up gorgeous Hessian decorations.

Christmas Joy. Our elf on the shelf greeted the children this morning hanging from Xmas lights.  The children are besotted with this magical creature who comes alive at night and gets up to mischief.  Little Bowerbird is playing with him in her dolls house and middle Bowerbird wants a video camera set up to see what he gets up to.

 We finally got our tree dressed and other decorations up this weekend.

Our pine tree is a weedy wild specimen.  Each year we like to go on a family hunt for the perfect weedy pine to chop down for our Christmas tree.  They're free and good to take out of our bushland. This one was huge and took a lot of chopping to be small enough to fit inside. We have a very eclectic mix of decorations - vintage, Indonesian, hand crafted and new.
I'm a sucker for a Xmas light - these are solar and come on when it gets dark.

Big Bowerbird daughter and I got a Blue Bowerbird twig tree happening, and she made a blue angel decoration for it.  Note our matching twiggy vase.

Christine at Slow Living Essentials has made a lovely twig wishing tree.  We got a big tree happening to make wishes on at school but I like the idea of doing Christmas wishes at home too.

The gourmet jelly beans hiding in here are a huge hit, and the old cracker jokes still get a bit of a laugh.  Today there was instructions to look under the tree - there were 3 new decorations to add to the Christmas tree (see felted creations above) - bought from a lovely fair trade shop in Sunbury that makes you feel good about spending.

I can't believe Christmas is just around the corner, I'd love to start December again and do it slowly, more making less buying.  Perhaps a new years resolution for next year.

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  1. LOVE that toadstool tree ornament! Your weedy tree looks great - I love the smell of 'real' Christmas trees. Oh, and twiggy, too, very snazzy.

    It was a pleasure to have you here, you are a super quick learner. :)


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