Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Skirt Hem to Pocket Sized Heat Bags

I found this skirt in an op shop and fell in love with the fabric, it was clearly someone's hand made creation and I don't think it was ever worn. Big Bowerbird tried it on and it was too tight, little Bowerbird tried it on and screwed up her nose as it was too long.
With a little adjusting it became just right and has quickly become Goldilocks' favourite skirt, and it goes back on straight from the clothes line.

There was just enough hem left to upcycle the remnants into pocket sized heat bags.  Just sew little rectangles and fill with rice (we used Arborio rice, just because that's what we had in the cupboard). I made 6 - enough for the nest of Bowerbirds.  The kids adore them and even though its summer there are still days chilly enough to use them. I imagine they will be favourites over winter tucked in school jackets. A tip to stop them becoming too dry is to place a mug of water in the microwave when you are heating them up.

The little one likes to play with hers, feeling their warmth, using them as dolls pillows and juggling balls, she keeps them safe with piglet in her little bag. I imagine they would make lovely Christmas gifts if I find the time to make a few more. They would be sweet in denim, being vertically challenged I always have big hems left from my denim jeans.


  1. What a fabric find..very sweet. I just picked up some wheat from the pet produce shop yesterday for this very project. Great tip about the mug of water in the microwave..haven't heard of that before! How long do you zap these pocket size creations? :)

  2. You are too clever... gorgeous fabric!

  3. Just lovely...what beautiful photos too. I am going to give these a try with my girls!
    I am passing on a Liebster award to you also as i just love to read your blog and the wonderful things you do together as a family...thanks for sharing!


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