Wednesday, December 28, 2011

The Xmas Post

7am,  not unreasonable, just a little early, especially as I had been given a nasty cold for Christmas.

Squeals of delight as presents were opened. Lovely to share the morning excitement with mum and dad. That is hair clips she's grinning maniacally about, you should have heard the screams about new undies and play-dough. Sad to say, it seems I've shared that nasty cold with mum as well.
Mum brought Indonesian delights like this hand carved mushroom and vanilla beans and palm sugar, yum. 

Croissants with home made jam for breakfast then off to Nannas for lunch.

More presents and a traditional roast lunch for 20 family members.  Not so many pictures as I was feeling too tired and snotty but the Cold tablets got me through the day. I'm not usually a big fan but if you can't lie down and rest, these are a real saviour.  I even forgot to get a picture of the beautifully laid table, complete with the little Bowerbirds hand made pine cone place cards.
 Off to my brothers for dinner and a white Christmas. A mega hail storm pounded down and damaged houses and cars nearby.  
 Prawn cocktails and left over roast.
A long day with a double feast, especially for the little Bowerbirds and then the day was over.  

We drove by the neighbourhood Xmas lights at the end of the day, and I'm ashamed to say I tried to wake our small children so they could see them, they were that impressive.  Fortunately they were way too out of it and slept through my own crazy squeals of delight, perhaps too many cold tablets at this stage. I know those mega house lights are bad in their consumerism and power use but I do love them in all their bright kitschy goodness. I had a great chat with the owners of a house about the spirit of Christmas and all the joy the lights bring - I just adored their enthusiasm.

Merry Xmas to you all.
from the Bowerbirds


  1. Lovely pics...looks like a fun and busy day with lots of good food!!
    Hope you feel better soon!

  2. this the return of the mad scientist?

    A very busy day for you all and a freaky weather pattern, too! That hail is amazing! Hope the cold is on the way out. xx


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