Friday, December 9, 2011

Xmas in the City

We don't go to the shops too often.  My kids think elevators and escalators are a rollicking good time, and the city lights and buzz are enchanting, although they're a bit daunted by a crowd.  After a day of work in the city, dad met up with me to show the kids the Xmas sights - we've done this most years since the kids were born.  The kids had already had a big day of their own, going to the zoo with dad on an unsanctioned day off. 
  First we visited Myer's Christmas windows, I had to wake the little Bowerbird up and she took a while to feel the Yule tide joy. Whilst she was sleeping the big Bowerbirds were sent into a beautiful pastisserie with $5 and managed to come out with three exquisite macaroons, the salesperson took pity on them and gave them one for free. Rather than scoff the lot they gave the extra one to their mum, awwww!
 The little ones had a ride on the Xmas train in Myers, big Bowerbird was dirty she was deemed too big for the train, whilst the middle Bowerbird thought he was a bit too grown up for such things. The little Bowerbird took some convincing but finally came round to the idea, just in time for the last train. By the end she was loving it.  The santa area didn't look to special in Myers this year, it was very sterile amongst the electrical section, not that the kids really minded. Whilst at the shops the big Bowerbird decided to spend her pocket money - she's been saving up for what seems like forever for a camera.  Finally the day had come to get one, she hasn't stopped playing with it since we got home and it was a good lesson in the value of saving. We didn't visit Santa as the little Bowerbird has a bit of a phobia. 

Note last years reaction to stuffed Santa and Myers Santa. Perversely I really love this picture and was tempted to take her back just to see if she still had Santa issues. Fortunately the better mummy inside me prevailed, she still talks about Santa negatively.


  She's seriously loving that Golden Ticket. We have just watched the Polar Express so the tickets had extra meaning.

We also went to the David Jones Snow Cave where a beautiful display of puppet elves and a delightful talking tree can be found, David Jones won the kids department store vote.  I've go to say around 5pm on a weekday is a delightful time to visit these places as we had no queues, friendly staff, and mostly had the place to ourselves. We also managed to do the whole lot for free, not getting sucked into the outrageously priced Santa photo.

We gazed at some beautiful shop displays and finally visited the City Square where the little Bowerbird quickly removed her shoes to prance gaily on the expanse of fake lawn. The giant presents proved to be wonderful climbing frames.

  We were seriously disappointed that there was not a magical world hiding in these holes, which I presume are there to water the trees.  They looked like they had so much potential. The maze of presents, lights, and trees was a hit with the kids.

We came home free of purchases (except for one sparkly blue camera) but full of Xmas joy and sushi filled stomachs.


  1. Those are fabulous photos... I especially like your screaming little angel sitting next to Santa. I must admit though, it sort of makes the gears in my brain grind to see the holiday stuff all juxtaposed with summer clothing and nice weather... especially since I'm sitting here hoping that snow storm number 8 will hold off for a few more hours so that the fellow who should be arriving any minute now to replace the back door will have an easier go of it!

  2. What a wonderful day! I especially love the train pictures!

    I loved going to "the city" to see all the Christmas displays when I was a kid. (In my case, the city was Dallas, TX.) Looks like your kids had lots of fun!

  3. Fantastic family outing. Those pictures of the youngest made my day, thankyou!! SO anti-santa!

    I think we'll get to the city after Christmas this year, which is how it often turns out..I like seeing the windows as a lingering aftertaste of the season.

    I can imagine how exciting it is for the eldest and her new purchase. Great saving willpower from her.

  4. Eco Cat Lady, I'm jealous of your snow - it just seems that would go so well with all the Xmas activities.

    Sparklee it was a fun day, so interesting how people celebrate around the world.

    Christine, i love that screaming santa shot - so much I was tempted to take her back for another. Would you believe we got home and middle one said - but we didn't see santa. Post xmas city visit sounds fun - we've done that at New Years and it was nice and quiet.


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