Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rapt with Raspberries

We're hauling in so many raspberries, gosh they're good, picked fresh, sweet and warm straight from the canes, or a moist tangy burst in a muffin. You can't have too many raspberries.  I'm grateful for a successful crop and a daughter big enough to pick raspberries and then make muffins and jam with them. Quote from the big Bowerbird  "I love making jam mum, it tastes so good", and I love that she loves making it too.

Quick instant lunch tip.  If you didn't get around to making bread like you thought you would, pancakes are a great instant substitute for school lunches - you can make them quicker than going to the shops for bread.

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  1. Raspberries were my grateful last week!
    We don't have enough to cook with - they get eaten fresh for breakfast, lunch and dinner

  2. Warm, juicy and sweet straight of the canes is my favourite way to eat them too. The best ones, those deliciously ripe, dark red ones are just the best.mmm.

    You would have to be the luckiest mum in town to have a daughter who makes jam for the family! Now that is something to be seriously rapt about! :)

  3. oh yum! raspberries are my favourite. haven't had any this summer yet.... x

  4. Absolutely agree about using pancakes instead of bread if you haven't made any/run out!
    And YUM! Those muffins look delicious!

  5. It all looks so good - that pancake pic makes me want to eat some!!

    We are experiencing this right now with tomatoes and chillies - so many every day we are going to have to start making salsa. In the meantime cherry tomatoes in everything !

  6. Looks delicious!! My kids LOVE raspberries...I normally bake them in muffins. YUM! :)

  7. Snap - raspberries are my grateful this week! Like Ally ours don't stretch to cooking - I eat them all fresh from the cane or the bowl.

    Yum yum! This is our first crop and it's so exciting. :D

  8. Yummy yummy yummy yummy - there just aren't enough yummys in the world!! x


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