Monday, December 5, 2011

An Old Fashioned School Fete

After much anticipation, the school fete finally arrived. The vegie group ladies had said they would manage a plant stall, create a craft stand, make wood fired pizzas, and do face painting.  I got a little carried away and even put up a photo booth and created a Wishing Tree.  We also got into decorating with bunting and hand made signs. There was also a mini garden stand with things to buy on it including hand made bath bombs and pot pourri. Do your great ideas ever get the better of you? Not everything was busy but I was proud to highlight the sort of activities we do as part of our Landcare program.  Across the road was trash and treasure, a cake stall, performances, books, an auction, raffle, and lots of rides.
Making a Xmas tree, crepe paper screwed in balls made great coloured baubles and silver wool served as tinsel, finally a little bit of glitter and some eucalyptus seed caps (operculums) complete the creation.

 The amazing Christine at Slow Living Essentials put this stand together. Visit her blog here  to see our delicious pizzas and more fete pictures.  The pizzas were a huge hit, we sold out at 150 pizzas but could have sold more, they were so delicious.  Plans are afoot to make a bit more use of our wonderful pizza oven.  

 The huge and very popular plant stall.

 The vegie group ladies relaxing at the end of a long day.

 The school vegie patch, mulched and freshly planted with summer crops.

 Paper snow flake garlands made by Preps and sewn together by me.  They really glowed in the sunlight.
The wreath making became popular with little and big girls, it was wonderful to see the flowery creations bobbing about the fete.

A seriously cute Michael Jackson performance.
Thank goodness the fete only comes around once every two years.  A beautiful but very long day, felt like I took all weekend to recover. Now to get planting all those plants I brought home.


  1. looks like it was an amazing day, full of wonderful opportunities to craft, sit, relax, buy, and eat!

  2. Sounds lovely - those wreaths look gorgeous! I'm off to see those pizzas now - they sound yummy!

  3. I wanna come live with you girls!! You are all so clever, dedicated, resourceful and enthusiastic... the kids look like they had a fabulous time too! Well done.

  4. Ha - I loved seeing your small guy click his fingers to the music with that glove on! Such a great event and I know what you mean about taking all weekend to recover! I haven't planted my plants yet...hopefully tomorrow. Those wreaths of yours were so pretty and such a hit! :)

  5. Looks like you had such a fun day! How lucky is the school to have wonderful creative and hard working parents like you x

  6. Oh my goodness, that looks like the best fete ever! So green. I just adore that you made a garland making stall. I agree with Kimbanel, a very lucky school indeed.

  7. This looks like such a beautiful fete, a lovely day. I will have to keep some of those ideas in mind for future fetes. Sounds like its good its only every second year!

  8. Sounds like so much fun! I love all the gorgeous flowers, too!


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