Friday, March 9, 2012

Crazy Hair Day and Zuchinni Pickles

 Zuchinnis and red onions in brine.
Freshly picked home grown celery seed. so satisfying when you're missing an ingredient to just go and pick some in the garden.  The seeds have a remarkably strong celery flavour, the little Bowerbird helped me pick the seeds and nibbled on some as we gathered.

I used a blend of these two recipes

One jar has already been gobbled up.  Crunchy pickle deliciousness. 


  1. Crazy hair day looks fun did mum join in too? Zucchini pickles are my favorite at present iv'e nearly finished my second jar! do your children enjoy them too?

  2. Crazy hair indeed! What a great idea for a 'fun'draiser. (Sorry about that dreadful pun there).


  3. The big Bowerbird loves anything with vinegar and ate at least 1/2 of that first jar.

    The fundraiser is for cystic fibrosis and is definitely full of fun Maxabella. Mum's hair get's pretty crazy most days but no extra additions for me Andrea.

  4. Crunchy pickle deliciousness indeed! Yum!!!

    Your middle one has such a great head of hair for craziness!! :)

  5. And did they win? They look great. I have just finished my zucchini pickles. Save a jar for nenek. Xx


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