Sunday, March 11, 2012

Yabbies, Puddles and Marshmallow Construction

The business of children is hard to keep up with.  My eldest always wants to be baking - orange cake and world peace cookies this week. Fortunately she's pretty self sufficient -except for the cleaning up bit. The middle child is mad for games and books, and is always looking for someone to play with him (I sympathise as I was just the same at his age). The youngest is constantly yearning for play dough and painting, as soon as they're packed away she wants them out again. 

We've mixed it up a bit this week

Dad brought these home for consumption. We kept them in a bucket for a day and got a little attached watching and playing with them.  They are so pretty with all their blues and reds, and menacing oversized front claws.  The middle one was very proud of his yabbie holding finesse.  Only dad and the little Bowerbird really enjoyed eating them.

There have been puddles to jump in.  The little one went for a showery cold walk with dad, and came back with a bubbacino grin. I was a little miffed that I'd miss out on a caffeine treat, wishing I'd braved the Autumn chill.

Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory showed on TV last weekend and I decided to let the kidlets watch it with a sweet activity. The little Bowerbird was very strict on the "no eating it's for building" rule (she's super bossy at the moment).When all the construction was over the Bowerbirds were amazingly reserved, eating a handful, then packing some up in a little bag for school the next day.


 It was fascinating watching to see what they would come up with.

 There was even some wounded marshmallows for the little Bowerbird to to play with a second time round. She's just popped one in her mouth in this picture.


  1. This small one of yours is SO cute! The marshmallow 'mmm' of approval and that raincoat, ah!

    Ours watched the movie too, although they didn't see the end of it so we ended up hiring it from the dvd shop this weekend. No such clever toothpick constructions here though - how cool are they?

    Nice to get some glorious sunshine today! (I have half a punnet of kale here for you, too ;))

  2. What great marshmellow constructions and love that red raincoat!!!

  3. Why do they put those movies on sooo late?, ours went to bed before the end too.

    Sun glorious sun, and we get to enjoy it at the beach tommorrow!

    will grab kale when we get back, very exciting!

  4. these are amazing marshmellow meccano..genius!!


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