Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Playing and Erskine Falls




The last of the holiday slide show. Raining again today, we picked the best few days in a month of wet.

Kids can sometimes say the best things. "Mummy it's like one of those calendar pictures". Awww, little ones know how to make you  feel good. 

Big one had major yellow T Shirt sports day crisis before school this morning,  It seems last years T-Shirt fit a girl 1/2 her size. Not long until she passes me now, and makes that 156cm look even shorter. Some very teenage like behaviour emerging from the big one of late, (please not 8 years of teenagehood, 5 will be plenty!).  Middle one tried to ease the tensions by unpacking the dish rack, just towards finishing he said "Do you like how I did it without asking mum?" Love it sweety, 4 clicks for you!

For more on the click system read here,  We're a little more generous with the clicks these days, but amazingly the idea is still working.


  1. totaaly amazing photos. i just love waterfalls

  2. Your pictures are stunning and your kiddos adorable. :)

    I especially love the photo of your little one's much loved stuffed animal hanging out of the jeans pocket. So sweet! xo

  3. What gorgeous shots! It makes me want to just ditch whatever was planned tomorrow and just get outdoors! I'm off to read about the click system...

  4. How much does that big bower bird look like mummy bower bird. Scary. And maybe similar teenage years to look forward to.

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